I was working out in the gym today when a dad and his son came in. I've seen them several times before but today I was lifting weights next to them. The son is blind and he always walks in guided by his dad with this great smile on his face.
 He appears happier then most everyone else there. I watched as his dad patiently guided him and set up each machine for him to work at. I was touched by their relationship and thought about the sons view. His view seems to come from the inside out. I can't interpret his view for sure but I know that it is more about the relationships and interactions of those around him than the actual view of his surroundings.
   This struck me, that as artists we are trying to interpret our view in the same way.
     We want to communicate more of the unseen we want to reach people on a deeper level. Our interactions and history shape our view and how we each create and interpret our view. I want my work to reach that deeper unseen level. This piece I'm working on reminds me of that - the close up and distant view of this tree played out in organic shapes.


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I love this piece...so deep, yet contemporary.
-- Michelle, 7/17/09

what a great observation. If we only take time to listen and see-our lives will be richer. And obviously so is your artwork. good stuff.
-- Molly, 1/15/09

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