Earthy green Abstract


Day 1 of starting this earthy green abstract of the lake. I'm not using a reference, its contained in a memory somewhere. I have a mood and temperature in mind. I love thinking about where this will evolve.


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Change of view


"Untitled 1"
I started working on a new abstract today, staying somewhat objective of nature. I'm working with some oil mediums that are new to me, and I'm loving the effects. I'm excited to see where I will evolve as I explore the process...


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Lights across the Water


Working on this painting today and I was struck with how our lives can change in an instant. We happen to be in a weather pattern of rain and overcast clouds that has been with us for a month. When the sun does break through for momentary periods it is overwhelmingly wonderful. Maybe its that contrast that enamors me. I so want to believe the good in people, in injustice, in suffering,that I always want the light to shine along the darkness. It appears so much brighter in the darkness.


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i know many whose life's have changed in an instant this past week...dear friends here in alabama and north carolina too...their life's will never be the same...but, the sun will break through again ...once again, your painting shows the face of the painting i received last friday during the 'storm' here!
-- Christine Taylor Struthers, 5/4/11

Dancing in the Light


Dancing in the Light
I did this painting for a plein air display coming up at the McConnell Art Gallery. As I worked on it I was thankful for my Mom and the artistic gift she handed down to me. Remembering her incredible musical talents and her appreciation for beauty in life.


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This is stunning Melodie!
-- Teri Doherty Hotz, 4/29/11

What can I say? Your gift as an artist is awesome! Beautiful picture! You see God's beauty all around you.
-- Marie Eby Tom, 4/28/11

these are amazing! love the intense contrast
-- Elyse, 4/27/11

Accendo Cloud series I,II,&III


Accendo cloud series  I, II, III



A single night of passage

My heart searches the darkness

Winds rage

She illuminates…

Her form quietly sweeps across the plains of my memory

In the corner of my dream she whispers…


On display at Guissepe's in Bexley, OH. 


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Cloud triptych


Today ... I was finishing up an idea for a triptych. Do you ever wonder why our eyes like a grouping of three versus two or four? It is amazing sometimes when I think about the connections of how we are wired and what speaks to wholeness/beauty in the world of art and music. There is so much that is just a part of our make up to see and hear what speaks to our soul. Definitely we all have our own idea of art and what speaks to us personally- but how much - even in our differences are we the same?


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WW 2 / day 4 close up



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WW 2 / day 4



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WW2 / day 3



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WW2 /day 2



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