Dancing in the Light


Dancing in the Light
I did this painting for a plein air display coming up at the McConnell Art Gallery. As I worked on it I was thankful for my Mom and the artistic gift she handed down to me. Remembering her incredible musical talents and her appreciation for beauty in life.


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This is stunning Melodie!
-- Teri Doherty Hotz, 4/29/11

What can I say? Your gift as an artist is awesome! Beautiful picture! You see God's beauty all around you.
-- Marie Eby Tom, 4/28/11

these are amazing! love the intense contrast
-- Elyse, 4/27/11

Accendo Cloud series I,II,&III


Accendo cloud series  I, II, III



A single night of passage

My heart searches the darkness

Winds rage

She illuminates…

Her form quietly sweeps across the plains of my memory

In the corner of my dream she whispers…


On display at Guissepe's in Bexley, OH. 


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