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Of Field and Fallow Of Field and Fallow
Philosopher, author, theologian, educator and civil rights leader Howard Washington Thurman once said, “There is a fallow time for the spirit when the soul is barren because of sheer exhaustion.” 
A fallow field is land that a farmer plows but doesn’t cultivate for one or more seasons.  The practice, which dates back to ancient times, helps the soil recover from being used to grow crops.

Wildflower Wildflower
By definition, a wildflower is a flower that grows freely, resiliently, and beautifully. Wildflowers find themselves growing anywhere. They grow in the most unlikely of places, even in the darkest of night. They find any cracks and crevices that will allow them to sprout up, and they do just that. They grow despite everyone’s belief that they never would. They allow the rain to heal them, not drench them.

-Angela Choi

Halo Halo
The translucent light that surrounds us can only be made evident through a heart that is open to generous orthodoxy.

Traveling Light Traveling Light
I love the drama of a grey, rainy day in the city. I can get lost in the subtle variation in the reflection on the street and watching the light find its illumination in the shadows. "In order for the light to shine so brightly the darkness must be present" Sir Francis Bacon

Unspoken Poetry Unspoken Poetry
The truth that engages our soul in visions that words cannot express.

 Melodie ThompsonDelaware, OH614-746-3559