Day 1 "Conception"
Just having returned from a great trip to the Island of Puerto Rico, I am working on my first piece from memories and photos I took while there. I could have stayed for a year and painted there. We stayed in Old San Juan within walking distance to everything and met the most incredible people!
  In the midst of this historic residential area were artists working in all different mediums. We happened upon a couple of them working late at night and conversations blossomed. There were so many artists there, open air children's art schools and the local art college- we started to think it was a national requirement to have one member of the family involved in the arts. There is so much that calls to me as an artist there- the colorful people, the open ocean views from the cliffs, the rain forest, the patina of the buildings - you should visit!

Here is my work on day one -I have stained the canvas with a mix of pigment and neo-meglip which makes it luminescent and fast drying.


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