Love your work! Is the piece on your cover page sold?
-- Tammy Simon, 5/22/21

Love your work. Color. Depth. Wow! Your mom suggested I look you up. So glad she did!
-- Golden Seaton, 9/22/19

So great to (virtually) see you again and your successful works. So happy God has blessed your vision and talent and gifts.
-- Kim (Maurer) Altemeyer, 4/19/17

I love the perspective which shows through your work and comments, Melodie! Fabulous artistry!
-- Kathy Adriansen, 5/5/16

I love how you see, Melodie--and how you capture it. Beautiful.
-- Rita Trickel, 4/12/16

Mark KertzmanReally special work. Enjoyed seeing immensely.-Mark Kertzman
-- Mark Kertzman, 9/16/15

Aron Kravitsbeautiful work
-- Aron Kravits, 10/30/14

I met your sister Melinda who showed me some of your work through her iPhone photo gallery. I am really impressed by your work.
-- Debbie North, 7/19/14

Blown away by the beauty and talent - these are gorgeous!
-- Angie Ferenchak, 4/8/14

"Really enjoyed your web site. I was captivated by your variety. Just when I thought I had your style all figured out, you turned a page and surprised me." Darla McCammon, author of weekly column "Art in Action" published in several Northern Indiana newspapers.
-- Darla Mccammon, 3/25/14

R. Allan ListerI really enjoyed going thru your site! Your work is as great as your site!
-- R. Allan Lister, 7/10/13

Melodie, your artwork is amazing! You have such a wide range of really impressive art. We love your work!
-- Gabe & Jamie Koser, 5/3/13

Nice website, Melodie! You have an large and impressive body of work, very nice stuff. If you want to check out more of my work, it is at:
-- Kelly Shoemaker, 2/27/13

I love your paintings Melodie! I think my favorites are the still life "memory box" and wide open spaces, hands lifted high. I enjoy seeing what you're working on.
-- Beth Greeson, 10/14/11

Your work is so incredible. You find the beauty we all seem to miss but enjoy when you bring it to light.
-- Mom, 9/11/11

It was great to meet you today at the McConnell. I would love for more of my students to get to learn from you!
-- Beth Heisey, 8/21/10

Outstanding website....your work is incredible!
-- Russ Woda, 7/3/10

Great work!
-- Kip Tom, 6/26/10

James LasenbyVery much appreciated your comments about my work, it's nice to hear someone say that you have a unique style I am great full to you. I'll have some more to check out if you what in the next couple weeks,take care be safe.
-- James Lasenby, 4/16/10

Beautiful work, I feel as if I could walk right into one of your paintings,again terrific work! Glad to have joined this site.
-- James Lasenby, 2/13/10

Gabriella FiabaneAstonishing images!
-- Gabriella Fiabane, 1/24/10

Felice CiprianiFabulous work Bravo Felice
-- Felice Cipriani, 11/14/09

I don't know if you remember me from the "good old days", but I just saw some pictures on Melinda's FB page of your family when I knew you!!! It led me to your website. I love your work.
-- Kay Hoffman Bjurstrom, 10/22/09

I love the new technique on some of the oils with the thicker strokes (with a knife?) It's still the style I love, but now with a new dimension!
-- Ginger Gibson, 9/10/09

I grew up on a farm as well, and you have a wonderful and enlightening way of capturing the untouched beauty of nature and the unmeasurable majesty that is there to behold. Love your work!
-- Linda Tucker, 8/10/09

Melodie - I had no idea you were so talented! I'd love to learn some of what you know. Maybe I could come for a visit to you or you could visit Louisiana so see some new landscape? The bayous are beautiful!
-- Maxanne Noel Ragusa, 8/4/09

Melodie, it was so nice running into you yesterday. Let's keep in touch. I love your website, your art is very lovely.
-- Sharon Taylor, 5/7/09

I have missed you a figure drawing the last couple of weeks. I just read your blog to my great enjoyment.
-- Tom Conrad, 5/6/09

Hi! It's Amy's sister Kristen. Your artwork is beautiful! It was nice to meet you this weekend at OU. -Kristen
-- Kristen Nypaver, 5/3/09

i enjoy your artwork. I am a beginning oil painter and like your use of color.
-- Nancy C., 4/28/09

Fantastic! Thank you for showing the "giving life" to one of your pieces. At first viewing I thought your landscapes were exquisite, then I visited your portraits. Wow! Such talent!
-- Jerry Finn, 4/27/09

I LOVE your artwork!! You have been blessed with such amazing talent!! Keep up the great work!! One of your favorite nieces, Megan
-- Megan Bell, 4/2/09

Love your new series Melodie!
-- Melissa Gerber, 3/29/09

Mel-I LOVE being able to see what you've been working on. My favorite is: "The Day I Fell in Love with Sea Glass." I love the soft colors you used. B E A U T I F U L. Love you,
-- Jessica Bender, 3/17/09

Went to Stern B-School with Scott. Beautiful stuff Melodie!
-- Mark Schwartz, 3/16/09

a beautiful piece we also collected eggs a few years ago,
-- Sheryl Matters, 3/15/09

Love the new stuff. Still crazy about the "into the Grey series". What inspired the contemporary series?
-- Melinda Woda, 3/14/09

Hi Melodie, Scott told my father about your work and he passed your site info on to me. Your work is beautiful - you are so talented! I hope all is well with you and your family! Christina
-- Christina Stembel, 3/14/09

Hi Melody! I am so excited to see your work! How beautiful. I wish you the very best of luck. Love, Michele
-- Michele Hartsough, 2/27/09

I was just informed that I am the winner of February's drawing for "Indian Summer Day on The Olentangy." I am absolutely thrilled to know that I will be adding another piece of Melodie Thompson's art in my home. What a blessing! Thanks Melodie for you generosity! Elizabeth
-- Elizabeth Hite, 2/27/09

I absolutely love Compartmentalized clarity. Awesome work!
-- Kandi, 2/27/09

Very nice. Your opening painting is truly beautiful
-- Janet Wold, 2/26/09

I stumbled onto your site today and was impressed with your landscapes. Beautiful strokes, gesture and atmosphere. You are talented.
-- Nathan Huff, 2/16/09

I love your work, Melodie ... truly gifted. Thank you for sharing it.
-- Mara Groegler, 2/16/09

You are so talented! I love this website you have put together.
-- Kassi Rowland, 2/10/09

Melodie- I love all your work, especially your Into the Grey series. If I could only decide which is my favorite...
-- Susan, 2/9/09

Your website is a "wonderful find!". You are doing a great job of communicating your inner self. I especially love your pieces started based on your drive from Indiana to Ohio.
-- Cathy Schultz, 2/8/09

Melodie! the site is great! so nice to see your work! Blessings on this new endeavor!
-- Andrea Petkau, 2/8/09

I am so blessed to have one of your paintings as a focal point in my family room. Everytime I see it, I think of you and it makes me smile.
-- Elizabeth Hite, 2/7/09

Happy to register to see all the beautiful works done by such a beautiful woman, both on the outside, and the inside. God Bless you!!
-- Michelle Duval, 2/5/09

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