In the midst of what is going on in Haiti, I am thinking about why I am drawn to portray storms. I think it is as in all human suffering we don't understand the worth, the value of life until we have been through our own storm or helped those out who are suffering. Now I am in no way stating that the Haitians are better off because of what has happened there or I can even relate to it. I do know that the brevity and fragility of life that confronts us in this situation hopefully brings out the best in those of us who willing to help. Its that part of a storm that I'm drawn to - how much more I will appreciate life and what a gift it is.


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Day 3/ My underwater girl


Day 3- I'm really enjoying this process- I'm experimenting with different techniques to figure out what works. Mostly now, I'm creating what I think it should look like and stepping back several times to evaluate. I have in my mind what it should look like to represent only her face above water. I would enjoy any feedback.....


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Gabriella FiabaneKeep on doing what your doing, the image is remarkable, the photo is small so it's hard at first to tell that the girl is partially under water but I like the ambiguity of not knowing for sure I think it sparks curiosity.
-- Gabriella Fiabane, 1/15/10

Day 2 drawing


I'm a few more hours into drawing today and enjoying the process. The kick will be making her appear underwater except for her face. I'm working from a cell phone pic but the challenge is always good!


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Day One- New work


I decided to start with a drawing I had been thinking about using my typical techniques. I tried something new as I was two hours into it and am liking where it is going. This pic is about 1/2 hr. in to it.


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New Space


I moved my studio over the Holidays when my old studio was converted to some "living space" for the rest of the family. I actually like this new space better- it s a little smaller but the light is better and I always enjoy a change of view. Its been quite a break from painting over the holidays and I look forward to a fresh start! Who knows what this year will bring- but with anticipation I will begin. Its like when I was young and we would go mushroom hunting (A midwest thing) and I would be so excited to look around trees and find a morel hiding in the ferns. 


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